Each with their own unique set of passions, curiosities and bucket list tick boxes, every explorer is different - so why in Mother Nature’s name would we make every expedition the same? 


Some folks love to soar into remote corners on a breathtaking helicopter ride, while others prefer to sail the coast. The dusky waters draw many to explore the sights by kayak and snorkel, as hikers get knee deep in the lush rainforest and marvel at the diverse flora and fauna. If photography is your thing, these majestic mountain tops and beautiful light will have you captivated.


While some will pack as much action as they can into one day, a few like to sit back, relax and let this stunning destination work her magic. And there’s always the option to do all of the above and beyond, as we collaborate to turn your special requests into a remote, bespoke reality. 

Whether you’re looking for a multi-day journey or mini-break, the first step to your escapade is deciding whether you’d like to design your own or let nature lead the way on one of our epic set adventures. Explore your options below, then book now or start crafting.


Welcome to your home in the wild and an opportunity to take your adventure into your own hands. With the ability to shut down her engine in the right conditions, our sixty-foot Buckeyed Ketch becomes a distinct sailboat that invites all aboard to learn the ropes or even take the helm. Enjoy the ride from the decks or sit in alongside her skipper, and get lost in the wild with the wind in your sails.


Fondly known as ‘backpacking on water’, this is your opportunity to access the remote corners of Fiordland National Park and experience the stunning primeval wilderness without leaving a trace. A chance to truly immerse yourself in the rawness of Fiordland National Park from the seat of a kayak.


Follow in the paddle strokes of our country's first explorers, discover the vast secluded waterways and islands whilst ultimately experiencing Mother Nature’s magnificent cycles - and if you’re lucky; mingle with the playful fauna that swim alongside. 


If you’re keen for a solid adventure or an intimate sojourn, we have all the experience and equipment to make it happen. Add kayaking to your multi-day adventure with the Breaksea Girl as your base, go wild overnight on one of Fiordland’s many secluded islands or dip a paddle in your newfound passion with a day trip on Lake Te Anau or Manapouri.


The wild waters of Fiordland National Park are some of the most unique in the world. As high volumes of rain falls through lush native forest and cascades into the fiords, it becomes stained with tannins. This dark freshwater won’t mix with the sea below, so sits on top limiting the light shining through and creating a forty-meter band of calm, clear and relatively warm water. 


This creates the perfect conditions for fauna that would usually live at great depths to flourish and folks like you to explore by freediving or with a snorkel. 


These waters are protected under the Fiordland Marine Management Act to preserve the natural beauty, diversity and health of the area to ensure future generations can enjoy. This means there is an extensive list of ‘marine reserves' and ‘china shops’ where you can check out the abundant marine environment in action.


New Zealand’s Great Walks are all well and good, but those with a wild side may prefer to avoid the crowds and well-trodden paths of the Milford and Routeburn Tracks. 


After years of exploring the endless valleys of Fiordland National Park, we’ve pulled together a map of alternate routes and hidden trails that lead through prehistoric flora to mountain lakes, waterfalls and views you won’t find on Instagram.


Thanks to the Department of Conservation and other local conservation trusts working to develop a network of pest-free islands throughout Fiordland, there is a chance of spotting some of our rare and endangered bird species. Wherever you venture in the Fiordland bush, you will be blown away by the density and diversity of its flora.


A wild adventure with us is more than action packed days in Mother Nature’s playground. It’s time to soak in her goodness, sample her fruits and reconnect with the natural world - including the loved ones or newly formed friendships within it. 


One of the best things about the Breaksea Girl is her cosy corners and open decks where you can snuggle up with a book, watch the wild go by behind glazed glass or bask in the sun from her rooftop. 


And when it comes to refueling or toasting another wondrous day in the wild, we always go local with freshly caught crayfish, Southland venison, wholesome and hearty sides and a range of delicious wines by our talented local vineyards. Though we must admit that our taste in whiskey takes us a little further afield.