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The tale of Wild Fiordland begins with a bond between two like-minded explorers, a one-of-a-kind vessel that captured their hearts and the magnificent destination they’re all lucky enough to call home. When a bright-eyed kayaker with decades of quests behind her paddle collided with a down-to-earth marine engineer in the stunning setting of Fiordland National Park. 


While a shared love of water and a passion for the journey drew Fiona and Brian together, it was another lady of the sea who cemented their connection. A distinctive sailboat named ‘Breaksea Girl’ who provided their home in the wild, promised a lifetime of adventure and proposed an opportunity to bring fellow explorers along for the ride. 


Together they formed Wild Fiordland, but one thing was clear - they aspired to provide you with a chance to truly disconnect from the stresses and pressures of modern life and reconnect with what’s important. To get lost in the wild corners of this world-famous destination on an adventure as unique as the boat you’ll be based on. To form bonds that will remain well past your retreat and spark a lifetime passion and empathy for the precious flora and fauna of Fiordland and other wilderness areas.

Today we invite you to collaborate with our friendly, expert team to craft a remote, bespoke adventure and begin your own wild tale in Fiordland National Park.


The protection of the Fiordland environment and its inhabitants are fundamental to our business. We respect the ecological uniqueness and fragility of the area, contribute to conservation projects, operate under a no take-out policy with respect to fishing and ultimately practise the ethos of ‘protect and preserve’ to ensure the survival of our remaining wilderness areas.


Every day, we imbibe the energy and excitement of the rugged landscape of Fiordland, and this just reinforces our passion for the area. We want to give others the opportunity to explore this magical place. A place where time stops; where the astonishing beauty can be marvelled at, and the connections it houses are only ever strengthened.




Originally from Taranaki, Fiordland became home almost 20 years ago. Lured down to this area as a keen white water kayaker, I was soon hooked on expedition sea kayaking. This created an avenue to access remote locations on the fiordland coast and explore the extensive fiord networks. It didn’t take long before this special place got under my skin. 


My favourite location in Fiordland is Coal Island - Preservation Inlet, home to a really cool conservation project and rich history. Located in the most southwestern corner of Fiordland, it truly epitomises the essence of ‘wild’.



I was brought up in a small coastal town north of Wellington, and have always had a love of the sea. I was drawn to Fiordland because of its unique ruggedness, dynamic nature and the reality of experiencing four seasons in one day.


I’ve spent over a decade working in the marine industry here in Fiordland, and with that came the opportunity to explore the Fiordland coast and all it has to offer. My favourite spot is the Many Islands adjacent to Luncheon Cove, Dusky Sound. It’s a chance to be intimate and get macro with the flora and fauna. A place where it’s easy to lose all sense of time.



Always up for a mission and a good yarn, Scotty is a true outdoorsman and he’s right at home in the bush and on the water. He’s a talented guide full of passion, enthusiasm and intimate knowledge gained through years of kayak guiding in Fiordland. Scotty has a great knack for creating a team environment and loves sitting down with a scotch at the end of the day with his fellow adventurers. 


His favourite place in Fiordland is the Basin in Dusky Sound, for its jaw dropping landscape that forms a perfect wee haven. A place he became well acquainted with during a five-day storm.

Kim 2.png


Fiordland first captivated Kim nearly a decade ago and ever since, she has been drawn back to this unique wilderness. Originally from Canada, Kim heads off on new adventures around the globe but always returns home to New Zealand. Don’t let the accent fool you, her passion for this land, its flora, fauna and history is immense and her thirst for learning is unquenchable. 


Kim’s favourite place in Fiordland is the entrance to Breaksea Sound for its stunning wild stack of ridges leading out to the coast.




Looking for a new challenge? We are always on the look out for great humans to join our already awesome, small, fun team who are passionate about Fiordland and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional remote, bespoke adventures.


You will need to have a positive, energetic attitude, lover of the the wild outdoors, not afraid of mahi and of course are fun to be around. To some degree we have scope to tailor a role description based around your specific skills and attributes. If you think you might be a good fit, and bring a load of goodness to the cause answer the call - give us a bell. We might just have an opportunity for you. 


A sixty-foot steel Buckeyed Ketch with a strong history of conservation, the Breaksea Girl turns heads wherever she sails. Over the years she embarked on many sub-Antarctic missions, was the base for scientific studies, ecology holidays and exploring the wild corners of Fiordland National Park. She has built up quite the fan base and become a Fiordland icon.


At her heart is a 8LXB Gardner Engine from one of the original vessels to explore Te Anau in the 60’s – the ‘Tawera’. She cruises the seas at a steady eight knots and even in unpredictable weather, handles impeccably. With the ability to shut the engines down all-together she becomes a sailboat, inviting all aboard to get involved during the day and fall asleep to the sweet sounds of Mother Nature at night. 


Your home in the wild with all the creature comforts, the Breaksea Girl has a charming interior with ample room for ten explorers to sleep and sit back in comfort and style; a library where you can relax with a book or play games, a saloon located in the wheelhouse giving you the opportunity to experience the boat’s operation and a fully glazed glass house where you can watch the wild go by no matter the weather.


But what makes our Breaksea Girl the perfect vessel for a remote, bespoke adventure is the space to do whatever you like. Jump off the roof, sunbathe or stargaze, gather around our fire to share a wild tale or two and create memories that will last a lifetime on a ship that leaves minimal trace.



We are giving back to the spectacular, rare and fragile place we are lucky enough to call home and are excited to invite you to join us. Plant a tree, plant a trap or plant a passion.

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