COVID-19 FRAMEWORK UPDATE - Traffic Light System


At Wild Fiordland, our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of all our guests, crew and community.

The Covid-19 situation is ever-changing, and we are guided by our national authorities including The Ministry of Health, to ensure that we provide the safest means of operating within the current protection frameworks. 


  • We will require all our guests to undertake a pre-departure RAT test on the day of departure which we arrange and fund. This is another step in the process to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 incursion aboard the vessel. For your own piece of mind and in order not to get any surprises on the day of departure, we recommend you carry out a RAT within 72 hours of your departure.


  • All operations have daily cleaning schedules in place.  

  • Hand sanitizer is available and use is encouraged. All guests are expected to maintain a high level of personal hygiene for the duration of their stay.

  • Inside transport services such as helicopters, vehicle transfers and buildings, spatial distancing and mask wearing is required in-line with official recommendations and external suppliers requirements.

  • Regular staff meetings to ensure up-to-date understanding and knowledge of the most current guidelines and safe operating practices.

  • Asking any staff or guests who are feeling unwell to please stay at home and seek medical advice via Healthline or their GP. 


With the change from the Alert Level System to the current Traffic Light System, domestic travel is now unrestricted, and our usual Terms and Conditions will apply. We strongly recommend Travel Insurance for all guests. There are a number of providers offering various forms of cover, however we have found that AA insurance offers a really good "Comprehensive Cover" for COVID related issues, for those of you who are domestic travellers. Be sure to read all the details to ensure that your expectations are met. 



For your assurance as well as ours, every guest stepping on board needs to confirm that they are not symptomatic or have been a ‘close contact' with someone who has been confirmed as having COVID-19 or who is self-isolating due to COVID-19 as defined below:

  • direct contact with a known confirmed case of COVID-19

  • living in the same household or household-like setting (e.g. shared section of a flat)

  • having spent a period of time in the same close indoor environment (such as a classroom, workplace, gatherings, general practice or ED waiting room)

  • having been face-to-face in any setting.


Any guest falling under any of the above should be self-isolating at home and will not be allowed to board the helicopter or the Breaksea Girl  

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us. We acknowledge this unusual times and we encourage guests that foresee any issues to contact us as early as possible so that we have the time to work constructively through a solution together. 

Phone: 03 2494010



Last update 14th April 2022