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Purpose built, strong, reliable, comfortable and has sexy lines! What more would you want from an expedition vessel? She’s the perfect base for adventure in Fiordland and beyond.

At her heart is a 8LXB Gardner Engine from one of the original vessels to explore Te Anau in the 60’s – the ‘Tawera’. She cruises the seas at a steady eight knots and even in unpredictable weather, handles impeccably. With the ability to shut the engines down all-together she becomes a sailboat, inviting all aboard to get involved during the day and fall asleep to the sweet sounds of Mother Nature at night.


But what makes our Breaksea Girl the perfect vessel for a remote, bespoke adventure is the space to do whatever you like. Jump off the roof, sunbathe or stargaze, gather around our fire to share a wild tale or two and create memories that will last a lifetime on a ship that leaves minimal trace.



She has a mixture of sleeping configurations including double berths, bunks (two beds per compartment) and a twin/quad share room. There is a library where you can relax with a book or play games, a saloon located in the wheelhouse giving you the opportunity to experience the boat’s operation and a fully glazed glass house where you can watch the wild go by no matter the weather. The Breaksea Girl has two flushing toilets, two great showers, and a diesel heater to keep you warm and cosy. Despite the fact that she has sails, you’ll be surprised at the internal volume and feeling of space and comfort. With the high headroom, spacious bathrooms and long berths, you’ll easily find a space to relax after a day exploring.


Fiordland as you know is an epic place in which to play and relax in. With adventures worthy of skittng about for decades, we’ve come to the party to help you get the best out of your time. The equipment we provide is carefully selected for it’s high quality, preference for supporting NZ manufacturers/suppliers and of course that it’s fit for purpose. We are always refining and adding to our activity equipment to meet the needs of our guests and ensure everyone is getting the best chance of a fabulous experience. We realise for many that spending time in Fiordland is a bucket list trip so we need to be doing our best to make that a reality.



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